Indemnity Form

NOTE: No smoking inside the establishment

By completing your booking, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. You are agreeing to these terms not only on your own behalf but also on behalf of all other persons visiting (“the establishment”) and/or occupying any of its rooms as a result of your presence at (“the establishment”) and/or your completion of the registration process on their behalf (“the members of your party”).
  2. You represent and agree that you are duly authorised to bind the members of your party to the conditions contained in this agreement.
  3. You and the members of your party have arranged your own insurance for all risks or losses that may arise during your stay at (“the establishment”) in such amounts as you may require.
  4. You and each of the members of your party absolve the establishment and FireflyVillas, its owners, operators and staff (“the establishment”) from any liability to any of you (whether jointly or individually) from any cause whatsoever or based on any ground of liability whatsoever, whether such liability is strictly imposed (i.e. liability without fault being established), arises as a result of a breach of contract on the establishment’s part, or is due to the negligent or reckless conduct of the establishment or as a result of any of the already mentioned conduct, theft or any illegal act on the part of the establishment’s employees or any other persons for whose actions it may be held liable as a result of their employment with the establishment.
  5. You indemnify and hold the establishment harmless against any claims instituted against the establishment by any of the members of your party (whether jointly or individually) which are based on any of the forms or grounds of liability set out in clause 4 above.
Firefly Villas