[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Stonehaven Eco Cabins & Farm is nestled at the foot of the Babylon Toren Mountain range and offers self-catering accommodation in Hemel en Aarde Valley. Stonehaven Eco Cabins & Farm is a biodynamic escape offering eco-cabins that are effortlessly luxurious, yet simply styled, drawing design inspiration from their natural surroundings. The small Hemel en Aarde valley farm is a restful, healing space intended to re-energise and spur creativity.


Stay in our Eco Cabins with a fully equipped kitchen, fresh linen, towels, Wi-Fi as well as your very own wood-fired Kol Kol hot tub. Our self-catering accommodation in the Hemel en Aarde valley will leave you feeling energised, creative and inspired.


The De Bos Dam is only a short walk away and ideal for swimming and kayaking on the warm days or enjoy relaxing by the fire or in your very own wood-fired Kol Kol hot tubs as the perfect winter alternative.


Indulge in Stonehaven Eco Cabins & Farm within the Hemel en Aarde Valley by making full use of its amenities. From hiking and mountain biking to wine tasting and horseback riding. Our eco-farm offers all the extra benefits to make your stay the best experience yet.

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The Story

The mountains themselves call us into greater stories.
~ Donald Miller

People have always had a relationship with stone, whether we’ve used it for tools, as homes or canvas. Surrounded by mountains in the Overberg (“over the mountain”) in a valley whose settlers thought of it as the meeting point of heaven and earth, Stonehaven could not be more aptly placed or named.
Kathy and David had dreamt of having a small farm of their own for 20 years; a place where they could escape routine and live consciously. When they first set foot on Stonehaven in 2011, they fell in love with its vistas and the sheer specialness of the place.
Having passed from one artist to another, there is an undeniable creative tug to Stonehaven, which has been designed to inspire, a space for those seeking creativity or a peaceful place to reconnect. As an artist, Kathy constantly uses Stonehaven as a source of inspiration. In fact, you’ll be able to find her art dotted around the farm.
Not wanting to follow the trend of their neighbours, Kathy and David never intended to have a produce farm and steered clear of planting wine or olives. Instead, they made a conscious decision to preserve the indigenous plant and bird life. No chemicals are used on Stonehaven and most of the farm remains as close to its original fynbos landscape as possible. We urge you to take advantage of our Protea Walk that meanders through the farm to get a full sense of Stonehaven’s natural beauty.
Our farm manager Garth has farming in his blood. He was brought up on a farm outside of Grahamstown and studied horticulture and agriculture in England. He is in charge of the Stonehaven’s 20 hectares; its fruit orchards, vegetable, herb and aromatherapy gardens flourishing under his green thumb and biodynamic principles. Garth treats the farm as a living, breathing organism rather than just a piece of land. Inspired by permaculture practices, our chickens take care of our soils and we create all of our own compost. You might come across some of our water flow forms around the farm, which is a biodynamic practice of rejuvenating Stonehaven’s water and giving that energy back into the plants.
Stonehaven’s cottages were completed in 2019, in line with our desire to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Our builder Mario-Pierre le Roux and architects, Ross Cooper and Jon Jacobson of Metropolis have created our beautiful earth-anchored cottages for you to enjoy and relax in.
We do hope that you leave Stonehaven feeling energised, creative and inspired to be more conscious of preserving the delicate balance of our precious environment.


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