There are many Family Friendly Activities in Hermanus. Whether you’re here for a weekend, a month or more, it’s always a great idea to enjoy some quality family time together in the great outdoors. Hermanus offers a limitless supply of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! From a few hours of adventure to day trips along the coast.


Enjoying the great outdoors is always a fun (and free) way to explore Hermanus. It gets the blood pumping and you’ll come back with a sun-kissed glow and a smile on your face.


Bird watching is a very relaxing pastime. Walk through beautiful, natural landscapes and catch a glimpse of the unique birdlife in the area. There are over 100 varieties of bird species within the Fernkloof Nature Reserve that borders Hermanus. Some of these species being endemic to the Western Cape: Orange-breasted Sunbird, the Cape Sugarbird, the Cape Siskin, the Cape Rockjumper and Victorin’s Warbler.

These fair fouls are the reason that the Hermanus Bird Club chose the reserve as their headquarters. The HBC goes on weekly walks around the area. And helps its members (and visitors) get the opportunity to see the different wildlife in the area. Bird enthusiasts are also more than welcome to wander the pathways that run through the Reserve and Garden. Fernkloof Nature Reserve Bird Directory gives visitors a “checklist” to use during their exploration. The only rule is that the only thing that only memories and photos are taken from the reserve.


A beautiful reserve with rolling gardens and beautiful hikes that range from short and easy, to long and challenging. The pristine pathways make it ideal for all ages and fitness levels. Fernkloof caters for the disabled (with well kept, wheelchair-friendly pathways). Enjoy the Fynbos along the trip for you to view and enjoy.


The Cliff Path winds its way along the cliffs of Hermanus from New Harbour all the way to Grotto Beach. The path is wheelchair friendly and offers uninterrupted views of the ocean. Perfect for land-based whale watching in season!


For a guided tour of the Path please call our Whale Crier. You’ll be given some informative facts and historical bits of knowledge. He will also share his knowledge about some of the best locations for whale watching and picnic spots.


For those who love penguins, the breeding grounds of the African (or Jackass) Penguins at Stony Point is the perfect place to watch these adorable and somewhat comical birds in their natural habitat. The wooden walkway winds its way around the edge of the breeding area. And gives visitors a view of the rocky outcrops and swimming penguins on one side and the shrubbery and nests on the other.

The best time to view the penguins is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon when they’re returning from their long fishing expeditions. This area is one of only two shore-based breeding colonies in the country, with the other being at the Boulders Beach near Simonstown.

Along the coast at Stony Point, visitors will also be able to watch the endangered White-breasted, Black and Cape Cormorants that have made this area their home. They are known to nest along the rocks, leaving the land to the penguins. Although the breeding colony is now fenced off it can still be visited daily from 09h00 in the morning until 17h00 in the afternoon with an entrance fee of R10.00 per person.


Thanks to Hermanus’ coastal location you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches. There are several smaller beaches that are found along our coast. From Fick’s Pool all the way into Voelklip. You can visit Grotto Beach in Voelklip, which has Blue Flag status as well as a vast sandy stretches of beach.

Hermanus is also packed with many idyllic picnic spots to rest up and refuel at. Fernkloof Nature Reserve  Gardens have beautiful shady lawns and a playground. The Old Harbour amphitheatre offers plenty of grassy seating options near the play area and Marimba Band that performs in season. If you’d like a pre-packed picnic basket with some freshly made goodies then feel free to get in contact with The Eatery in Hermanus.


The crisp, clean air of Hermanus makes a scenic flight so much more enjoyable. Enjoy the opportunity to capture this beautiful coastline from a completely different angle. There are a couple of different flight options available. And ensures that everyone wanting to experience, and air-tour are happy. The Cape Peninsula flight takes clients along the coast from Hermanus to Cape Hangklip and then all the way to Cape Point, the southern-most tip of Africa. From here the flight turns back towards Hermanus but takes a different route above the Elgin Valley and then back along the coast.

The Flight of the Giants is available during whale season and gives whale-lovers an opportunity to view the majestic Southern Rights from the best seat in the house (or plane). From this height, it’s possible to capture the whale’s sheer size and enjoy uninterrupted, panoramic views of the coast and the creatures below.


Families have some great choices for entertainment and fun activities in and around Hermanus.

Wonderland Café is a great location for some friendly family fun. It’s located in the Super Plants area and includes a play area, restaurant, pet shop and nursery. Zero Gravity Perfect for all gamers and offers you the chance to test out new games or compete with each other in their rec room.

Romantiques A cornucopia of the old and wonderful. With large premises packed with fantastic “blasts from the past” as well as a small cinema that plays classic black and white films in season.


Located at Grotto Beach, which is one of three Blue Flag beaches in the area and is a well-kept and popular location for sea-lovers. There are also several benches, plenty of parking and a play area for children. There are plenty of activities suited to older family members and groups. Including adrenaline filled Adventure Activities that can give you a different view of Hermanus. From Quad Bike tours to Paragliding over the town.

Enjoy more relaxed tours, including a Wine Tour Experience up the Hemel en Aarde (Heaven and Earth) Valley. Here you get to taste some world-renowned wines whilst looking out over the lush valley. Day Trips There are various places around Hermanus that can be explored, as well as further afield.


Found in Betty’s Bay, which is a short 45-minute drive away. Known as the home of the African (Jackass) penguins, Betty’s Bay is one of only two breeding grounds for these cute, flightless birds in South Africa. The area is open from 08h00 until 17h00 every day. The best times to go are early morning and late afternoon. There are also plenty of other activities within the area to enjoy during your visit. Hangklip Tourism | 028 271 5657


Situated near Stanford, a short 20-minute drive away. The Factory and farm is a small family run cheesery that offers a range of exceptional and award-winning South African cheeses. They have a lovely little shop filled with all things cheesy as well as a play area, which includes a petting farm, jungle gym and open lawns. Klein River Cheese Farm – 028 341 0693 Birkenhead Brewery Situated near Stanford, Birkenhead Brewery offers delicious and recognized brews, including lagers, ales and ciders. Not only is there exceptional beers to try but you can also enjoy the country estate, brewery tours, restaurant and pub. Enjoy some delicious food and freshly brewed beer, visit the surrounding vineyards or take in the views of the mountains from the garden.